23 Nov '13

Arun Kumar

I'm a blogger who loves to write blogs on love, psychology and leadership. My passion is to share things around the world.


What if your girlfriend doesn’t want you back after your breakup ?

What if your girlfriend doesn't want you back after your breakup?

There are some situation, you could never give up on your love. Your life become darker. You think you cannot live without her. She is rolling on your mind all the time. You cannot get focus out of her. But, the thing is what she thinks about you? She may be stubborn, made up her mind to get away from you and doesn’t want you back.
If she doesn’t want you back, it isn’t impossible to get her back. It’s challenging and actually hard to manage but it isn’t really difficult. The following are some of the best ways to handle this situation.
Find out why she dislikes you? – discover why she does if she does. Did you ever suck and cheat on her? Did you wait too long recommending making her seem like she has lost years with you? You have to dig deep and find out.
Write to her Use Facebook, email, text or even a traditional hand written letter. Say I’m sorry and that you respect exactly what she wants and state that you want that she finds somebody that she will be happy with if you have done something wrong. This shit is difficult to do but is essential.
Let it go for a couple of weeks – If she hasn’t responded at all, await a few weeks once more. Keep being persistent. If she has actually replied, then try and keep speaking to her and begin interacting with her occasionally  and see where it goes from there.
Pure Perseverance pays off- True love needs some time, pure perseverance and commitment. This does not indicate keep pleading to get her back or begging for attention. Stop being needy. Make your first effort on getting her back and if it fails, wait for few weeks and attempt once again. (Don’t do this permanently. You may at some point have to move on.).
Changing yourself- Change yourself into a much better person. If you are the spunk, it doesn’t matter. There’s always room for renovation.
Do not beat yourself up- If she ever declines you and there is no possibility of getting your ex girlfriend in the past don’t beat yourself up and turn emotional. Accept your defeat, remain favorable and proceed. If she sees that you have actually moved on happily without her, then she might desire you back. Miracles can happen anytime.

I hope, the above tips may work for you to get your sweetheart back. If your love is so strong, you will surely get her back. But, make sure, if she doesn’t even responding to your action, just hold on and think wisely. “There is Always life and love after every love failure”. Just understand that she doesn’t deserve you. You may be get a better girl. Life has to move. Don’t just re-read your current chapter again and again. Instead, open up your new chapter and go ahead with full of happiness and Joy.

About Arun Kumar

I'm a blogger who loves to write blogs on love, psychology and leadership. My passion is to share things around the world.

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