25 Dec '13

Arun Kumar

I'm a blogger who loves to write blogs on love, psychology and leadership. My passion is to share things around the world.


Loving and Being Loved is a Delight And Pleasure Of Life

Loving Someone genuinely is constantly a joy and enjoyment. Its in fact an energy and driving force of your life. “Love” is experienced as an occasion suddenly ejecting in one’s life; it is inexplicable and senseless.

It occurs upon the first experience and for that reason is not based on knowledge of the various other. Rather, it originates from a pure and instinctive kind of experience. It interrupts one’s everyday life and provokes a deep commotion of the mind.

Such a kind of “Delighted” love is concurrently spontaneous and genuine, overpowering and eternal, special and complete.

This perfect kind of romantic love guarantees the creativity of the object of love, the impossibility to replace one object of love for someone else, the impossibility of judgement of its item, or the impossibility to submit feelings to measure, its the total handover of the self to the liked individual, and the possibility of self-destruction and self compromise for the sake of another.

Love is difficult to justify or discuss

Love is an arbitrary and unjustifiable emotion. Love is a power of its own, convincing obedience. Love is enormous enjoyment and immediate, irresistible, due to the fact that it is taken as an act of physical acknowledgment that bypasses your mind.

Love its an experience overwhelms the experiential truth of the lover

A historic example to describe this, Composing to his spouse when he was the commander of the French military in Italy, Napoleon says, “I have actually never ever spent a day without enjoying you; I have not spent a night without welcoming you; I have not even drunk one favorite without cursing the pleasure and ambition which force me to remain aside from the relocating spirit of my presence.” Love is here a feeling and pleasure which gets into the whole existential truth of the true love.

In the Pleasure of love, there is no distinction in between subject and object of love.

The item of love can not be segregated from the topic of enjoying as such experience includes and mobilizes the totality of the self.

People could clarify this as “My Life, my angel, my heart, my satisfaction, my Delight.”

Love is distinct and Cannot be evaluated.

Whenever love is born in mind the pair comes to our mind is Romeo & Juliet. Creativity includes the fact that the much enjoyed can not be substituted for others.

The individual in love is oblivious to his/her own self-interest as an objective for loving another person.

In reality, discomfort is a necessary element of the expertise of absoluteness and track record. For this reason “To enjoy frantically is still joy and joy:).”

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About Arun Kumar

I'm a blogger who loves to write blogs on love, psychology and leadership. My passion is to share things around the world.

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