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I'm a blogger who loves to write blogs on love, psychology and leadership. My passion is to share things around the world.


Best ways to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back !

Best ways to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back !

This kind of Shit happens to many people. You probably simply recently ended things with your girl and feel like spunk and you’re most likely harming quite bad today and most likely asking yourself how to get your sweetheart back. Or you just have no energy at all and actually do not wish to be with anyone and be alone.
We’ve all experienced that dark time and the pain will most likely last a very long time. You could still be hurting even if she’s been opted for months and even years. That pain won’t go away and will most likely ruin your life if you let yourself be in discomfort.
As a guy, you can proceed with your life. Go out for party with your best friends and chill with them to take your focus off your ex girlfriend. Many of your friends would suggest you to move on and give up.
However, if you truly want her back, don’t move on just yet and attempt these things out. This is because your love is so true. So anyways, below are some of the tips we have come up with on how to get your ex girlfriend back. There may be different kinds of situations. So, decide on what best suits you.
1: Just after you both Broke Up:
She’s been gone for a couple of days to a month. Days passed by. But you’re still hurting pretty bad and want her back so exactly what do you do?
Try to figure out the reason for why she left you– Was she grumbling about something that you do? Has she stated anything about you two prior to the breakup? Has she lost feelings for you?
Give her some space to think– Let her be alone for around some weeks. If you are trying to call here again and again, you will be considered as a needy pussy. Control your temptations by deleting her number or deactivating your Facebook account so that you could not contact her. Don’t be too desperate because it may eliminate any chances of getting your sweetheart back.

Contacting her – This seeks that 2 to 3 weeks wait period. You can text her or send a Facebook private message. Come off as friendly. You need to NOT come off as desperate or all lovey dubey. Use humour in your first message. It can help.
Be casual – Meet up during the day for lunch or coffee. If she was a friend and make her think that you aren’t interested in her.
Keep Meeting Up Frequently- Keep having laid-back hangouts for a few weeks or months. Keep your discussions friendly and never ever point out anything about the breakup. Look like you’ve really moved on with your life. Make her to recognize you as better person than before.
Go for the Kill – After doing all the above things, invite her for some outing with your friends or that you’re going to be somewhere good and that she ought to come with you. The huge trick to this is the foundations– the laid-back friendly meetups. Try to look for some opportunity to open up your heart. When you people have actually had some beverages and have actually been acting flirty, just drop in a line that suggest being together once again. Example “What do you think about us joining together?”. Then, just wait for her response. It may take some time for her to respond. There is always a 90% chance of getting her back.
2: What if she has a boyfriend?
You’re desperate and are finding out the best ways to get your sweetheart back. But all of a sudden, you find out she has a boyfriend. When it’s time to end up being a beast, this shit will hurt you a lot but this is.
Time to make yourself better – Get brand-new garments, workout, consume right, etc. Just do everything you can to improve your life and this action needs to take around 2-4 months of HARD WORK. Now, you may look much better.
Social Networks – Facebook is the most popular network that people can stalk you with. Post an updated Facebook profile picture, that make it appear that you have moved on and have actually ended up being a more confident, delighted and independent person. Post images of you partying with various other girls, photos of you exceptionally happy, taking a trip and you doing things that you have actually NEVER ever done during your relationship.
Contact her again- It’s time to get in touch with her and start following Section 1.
3. What if it’s been over a year?
Its been one year after you both broke up. But you still are desperate knowing how you can get your ex love back. The pain is still there and you still want her back. True love will never dies. So, what you can do to get her back? You can just follow the above Situations 1 and 2.

If she doesn’t’ have a boyfriend, you don’t have an additional person to compete with , this should not be as difficult as situation 2. Simply keep being positive and pleased and look like you’ve proceeded very damn wonderful.
Hopefully, the above ways may help you to get your girlfriend back. Remember one thing for sure, true love takes some time and pure perseverance to succeed. Best of luck to you all! Move on if all the methods fails for you. There’s most likely somebody better for you out there.

About Arun Kumar

I'm a blogger who loves to write blogs on love, psychology and leadership. My passion is to share things around the world.

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