How to reject a guy’s proposal politely?
26 Dec '13

Arun Kumar

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How to reject a guy’s proposal politely?

Rejecting a proposal from a guy is one of the awkward moments every girl has to face. What if, when a person loves you and you’re in no way interested in him. You know he is not your guy. Yeah, this love might end up being a headache for you. The circumstance might be that the man stays consistent and he is not in a mindset to accept your “NO”. 

In case it’s a person you have no idea, turning him down is a lot easier than if he’s your good friend or somebody whom you understand. It is possible that you need to get persistent to share your point. Sometimes, you may even have to be tough to let them realize your point. Check out further to understand the best ways to decline a man in both cases, in a polite manner.

Case 1: Guys whom you don’t know

If you’re on a roadway or in a public place and he is chasing you, keep walking if you can. In case if he is trying to compliment you just to make you stop, merely say “thank you” and continue to your location. If he asks you to stop, just tell him you cannot as you’ve got to be someplace. And yes, do not look back or stop due to the fact that such actions can make him feel otherwise.

Let your body language should make your thoughts clear. If he attempts to stop you or you’re not in a position to move, stand with your shoulders turned away from him. Let your body language suggest that you’ve got someplace else to be. If he asks you your number or a date, you can talk “I’m really sorry, however I’m not interested.” As quickly as you get the possibility, walk away. If he follows you, keep informing him that you’re truly sorry however you’re not interested. Discover a group  of people to get lost from him or alter your path.

Find your friends, particularly if a man needs to pick you up in public places; it’s a safe way to escape from him. Turn him down, discover your friends and let him comprehend that you’re truly not thinking about him. If he’s still following you, your buddies can assist him to obtain the tip.

Keep telling him “No” if everything else does not work. Do not quit. He could get disappointed, or ask you why you need to be so harsh. These are things to get your empathy and attention. If he’s such mad at you and does not get “no,” he could be broke. He may even anger at you, scold you as soon as he finds he cannot get his intention done. Do not feel bad, in reality he has actually proven himself that you were right to turn him down.

Case 2: Guys whom You know

Beware. If you’re around the person often, do not give him any advantage by smiling often. Because he’s currently addicted to you, do not provide him anything even more to dream about.

Keep up your personal space and do not let him get closer to you. If he has a practice of basing on top of you, flex backwards a little bit.

Avoid providing him “caring taps.” If you understand he likes you, do not provide him pats on the shoulder or the back. You could be doing this to everybody in a friendly manner, however this guy can take this in a wrong sense. 

Treat him like just a friend and nothing more personal than that.

Say to him that you like him as a friend, however there is absolutely nothing beyond that. You need to assure him that this incident will not alter your good relationship with him and respect for him. Inform him that you like him as your friend and will remain to be a good friend. Most likely things might get unpleasant for at some point, however keep reminding him that you value his friendship.

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About Arun Kumar

I'm a blogger who loves to write blogs on love, psychology and leadership. My passion is to share things around the world.

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